Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Deepavali ~

Happy Deepavali !!!
Kolam on staircase...amazing ~

this is kolam ~ fortunately I captured pictures at was gorgeous !

Hema guests ~ and HEMA !!

xiang & ta khing with 2 lovely dogs...(look at ta khing...hehe...actually he take thousands try juz to get a decent picture)

Becky & Brownie ...

Becky & Berinda ~

This kuih ( sorry I forgot its name)... its yummy ~ but i think it have to eat with curry ...

special Indian side dish I guess....timun with santan... the mixed along well...

Our Deepavali meal ~ It was special ...

Hema's hse front door ~ it was decorated ^^

This the tosai with the delicious curry ~

yea...zihan & JJ put on their musician show and enlighted the amosphere ~

Teehee, we had an extraordinary Deepavali this year ! To be honest, this is my first time to celebrate Deepavali ( I mean officially). Two of our lovely coursemates,Shasha & Hema invited us to join their open house party for celebration. It was awesome and fun ! Those tosai and curry were amazing ~ Although I am not curry-lover but their curry were undoubtly nice ! I wish I can have another Deepavali party for next next year....and keep going years...haha

Fab and memorable parties!! i love those curry so so much. Yummy! and those friendly families. 1 malaysia feels good. Haha. and i miss brownie! cute little doggie. i love everyone so much. hahaha.

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